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The Elliot Lake Airport serves the entire region from Thessalon to Espanola but Elliot Lake incurs all the cost of operation without subsidy.


   The airport is staffed Mon-Fri 0700-1900. The airport is closed weekends and stats.

    Pilots are able to activate and change the intensity of the airfield lighting by clicking their microphone on our frequency. This allows any aircraft to use our airport at night without us being there, yet save energy costs. A voice activated recorder and voice clock records aircraft arrivals and departures during unstaffed times.  Pilots are encouraged to state their last point of departure, and next point of arrival, with landing and departure times.

   The airport is transformed into a drag race for most of 4 days a year in July. During this time the airport cannot accept any airplanes or helicopters.


(1) The Elliot Lake Airport reported weather from 1976 till April of 2012.  The City is investigating and will be seeking funding for an AWOS system. Environment Canada could no longer be involved with aviation weather, and Nav Canada determined weather cameras were sufficient.

Aircraft movements

   In 2009, the airport reported 6698 aircraft movements, which is greater than any year in the past.

Fuel sales

   The airport sells 100LL and Jet A1 fuels, Jet being the primary. The airport is equipped to do low and high pressure fuelling. In the fall of 2010, a refurbished jet refueller truck enhanced the fuelling capabilities of the airport. Although old, it has been reliable, and a huge benefit to the airport.


   The airport is staffed with one full time and one part time employee. The staff performs all duties related to the airport from bush cutting and plowing to janitorial and administrative duties.

Regular Users

      Dynamex employs 3 drivers and uses the airport to fly bags and freight every morning and night.

   Dr.Fenton an ear/nose/throat specialist flies in each Wednesday night to meet the needs of residents on Thursdays.

   Hope Air transports eligible patients to medical facilities as required.


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  That is a common question.

  This airport had scheduled passenger flights up to Aug 2002.

  For an airline to survive, there has to be enough people for whom time is more important than money. Aviation is very expensive. The price of airfare cannot  compete with other modes of transportation.

  In this region we lack industry which  doesn’t mind paying extra to save time. Reality is that we have a lot of residents that time is not an issue and would prefer saving money.

   With Sudbury being 2 hrs away, and Toronto 6 hrs away, driving is deemed more convenient by most people. These hubs although far, are really too close. Elliot Lake, we appreciate your business....